Our Direct Workforce

We maintain a highly skilled and loyal direct workforce, which are trained and regularly assessed. The high intensity training regime means that our safety and quality standards are second to none and are appropriate for all working environments.

We have fully trained and experienced Safety Critical Staff that enable us to work independently whilst ensuring that the highest of Site Safety Standards are maintained always.

Our people are our greatest asset and maintaining their safety, health and well-being is paramount.

Our Staff

We will always investigate incidents, react to comments and listen and respond when they speak to us about health, safety and wellbeing at work.

to Improving

Identifying where we can reduce risks wherever possible and setting limits to keep people safe. This often comes down to the correct training at the right time. We have a stringent training regime that is under constant review to ensure that all skills are kept in front of the project cycle and no skills gaps occur.


Assisting in the removal of communication barriers across the business Рproviding the required support when needed.  Most of our workforce have been with us from the beginning and this allows an open and honest communication culture staying right from the very top.

Meeting  Client

BPH Rail are fully committed to meeting the requirements of our Clients. Our can do attitude and motivated workforce enable us to deliver projects of the highest standard at the first time of asking within specific timescales.