Health, Safety & Welfare

We recognise that the health, safety and the welfare of our staff, customers and the general public is of prime importance and will at all times strive to be proactive in all areas of health, safety and welfare. BPH Rail has a comprehensive Health and Safety Management Plan which is integrated into our management system that forms the core of our business.

Good communication is key to safe working. We ensure that all our staff, supply chain and project partners feel confident in identifying better ways of working and speaking up when they see something that has the potential to cause harm. We are committed to improving the safety of our projects and the wellbeing of our staff; therefore we frequently seek feedback from our clients regarding our safety culture and ways in which engage with our clients safety initiatives.

BPH Rail are continuously investing into health and safety and have a full time Health and Safety Manager providing the right guidance, procedures and ensuring the right equipment and materials is used to keep people safe.